Debt Collection Services

Rollins Law Group assists our Indiana clients with all their debt collection efforts whether business related, a landlord-tenant issue, seeking and/or enforcing a judgment, or other. If you have a collection concern, we can assist you in expediting the recovery of the debt.  Our goal is to recover the debt in the least expensive way, avoid unnecessary litigation, and if possible, maintain a positive relationship between you and the debtor.

In general, a debtor is anyone who owes money to someone else (the creditor). Usually, these debts stem from a breach of contract entered into between the creditor and the debtor such as a note & mortgage, a rental agreement, or a financial policy. If the debtor falls behind or fails to pay altogether, the creditor may refer the matter to a debt-collector or a collection agency.  As a law firm, we can provide additional services a collection agency typically cannot.

Our representation provides:

  • Strict adherence with the FDCPA (Federal Debt Collection Practices Act) and Indiana’s collection laws governing the conduct of third-party collectors;
  • Analysis of creditor claims, the underlying contract and the potential issues involved with each claim;
  • Negotiating settlements;
  • Litigation when necessary;
  • Post-judgment collection (judgment debtor asset investigation and placement of judicial liens); and
  • Helping our clients review and revise their contracts to ensure the contracts comply with legal rules and regulations, protect and maximize available remedies, and help minimize the risk of a debtor’s default.

Because this area of law is heavily regulated with steep penalties for non-conformance, please seek out an experienced attorney before proceeding with any debt-collection efforts alone. If you need help collecting a debt in Indiana, or have a general question, please call 317-558-9677 or contact us for a free consultation.

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