For Sale By Owner with Rollins Law Group

At Rollins Law Group, we aid any homeowner looking to purchase a home without the hassle and expense of realtor fees. Although this option is more affordable, navigating the process can be challenging. By choosing to work with our real estate attorney, they provide assistance in setting the sales price, staging, listing, scheduling open houses, negotiating, and closing.

Looking For Options When Buying a House

Changing real estate market prices and availability calls for expert advisors who advocate for you as a buyer and help you save money. While working with Rollins Law Group, we operate as the real estate attorney for our for-sale-by-owner clients.

As your real estate attorney, we will guide you by…

  • Navigating the market. With the changing market and the risk involved in buying a house, we promise to sit down and discuss your goals and budget.
  • Negotiating your offers. As the market changes, we will help you stick to your budget and negotiate for the best options.
  • Handling legalities. As a knowledgeable real estate attorney, we can resolve breach of contract (the purchase agreement), inspection repair disputes, earnest money refunds, specific performance, defects in the chain of title, and more.
  • Reducing fees. By choosing a real estate attorney instead of a real estate agent, we can help save money on the process and the paperwork.
  • Answering questions. Our goal is that you would know all your options and every detail to help you purchase your home.

If you have any questions on if for sale by owner is the right decision for you, call us.

For Sale By Owner Question?

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